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 Post subject: Awakening
 Post Posted: Sun Sep 13, 2009 8:15 am 
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The Undead form of the Great Black Dragon Narse flew on at speeds and a height no living dragon could fly, for Narse and it's unholy rider needed no air for breath. Onward past Shinning Hill, past Addan, past the great Central Mountains they flew, as well. At last, above the Storm and Fire Desert Narse slowed, then dove downward for a landing. Though the surrounding lands of Flaim are also considered desert regions, the Storm and Fire Desert is a hostile wasteland of baking days and freezing nights, of sandstorms and scorching heat. None would dare travel the desert alone, and only most well provisioned caravans can hope to make it across.

The best way to cross the Storm and Fire Desert is along the Road of Thirst, preferably with a large caravan. Small parties rarely make it across. Even if they are well provisioned, such parties are easy pray to nomads and bandits.

Seventy kilometers southeast of Haven, in the desert valley north of the Central Mountains, stands the ruins of a great tower, known by nomad tribes as the Tower of the Djinni. It is here outside the tower, that Narse folded it's great wings, and the undead elf form of "The Darke" entered the Tower.

A large earthquake now rocked the lands of Flaim. The tremors could be felt as far as the Central Mountains southward, and as far north as Blade. The tower of the Djinni rose into the air and along with it a great hunk of the desert landmass that was below it. The Undead Black Dragon Narse lifted into the air on rotted wings, following the tower much like a cat chasing a small ball!

The tower floated southwest back over the Central Mountains, over Rain Lake, stopping just north, above the Silent Swamp. Again an earthquake rumbled, this time the greatest quake so far, sending shockwaves all across Lodoss.

Below in the swamp, an almost completely restored city of the Kastuul Kingdom, "Shardrune of the Steel Towers, emerged from the sunken depths. The gigantic city of ancient wonders floated upward to engulf the Tower of Djinni, as a sphere of energy wrapped the entire twisting cityscape, including in it's force-field the great dragon Narse. Then, in another instant, it completely vanished from the skies, as if was nothing but an evil dream.

All across the land of Lodoss lightning storms began to rain down fire, hail and sleet between blasting thunderclaps. It was as if all of nature, the spirits of the sky earth fire and air, were angered at the populations below! Skies darkened everywhere at once, and through the softened earth the undead erupted and attacked the living, even the corpses of beasts and birds, sprang up to join the war against the living! "The Darke" laughed a deep and hollow laugh, high in his city of floating death, behind an invisible sphere of force.

"Lodoss will neither be unified nor conquered."

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