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 Post subject: Day Two: Ariakan's Important Purchase
 Post Posted: Tue Oct 13, 2009 4:43 pm 
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As he headed into the small shop he looked to the mage behind the counter, pointing to a set of five exactly identical spheres of jet onyx he looked at the elderly human. "That set of stones will be perfect, I also need three drams of gryphon's blood, two jugs of pure spring water, and these herbs in the exact amounts. I thank you for your assistance, also I do believe you know what it all is for."

The mage busied himself with gathering the requested reagents as he replied. "Quite familiar with it, though the amount you're getting is more than most. You do realize that they will be able to reach quite a distance with that strong a base, quite impressive to make five at once. You must be that sorcerer I have heard of, your role in this war has been rather well noted amongst the mages guild. They say you are the last of the skull dragons, tis quite the honor to meet you."

Ariakan put down a small bag of gold as the requested items were set down, instead of taking the entire bag the shop owner took only three- quarters of it. Looking at the remainder he slid it back. "For you I will give you these at prices only guild members would get, consider it a gift to aid you in your efforts."

Nodding Ariakan placed them carefully in the pockets that were on the inside of his robes, before leaving he looked the owner in the eyes. "Best be leaving this city before Vesper arrives, if you do not then I have seen a terrible omen for you. I can say no more, but if you can get to safety before then your death will be averted for now. Yes I am Ariakan Nightwing, last living descendant of the first skull dragon Nightwing and his spirit now lives within me. Have yourself a good day."

The mage looked at him bewildered, if he left before she returned he would live but if not then he would fall? Such warnings were a rare gift from those who could see death, after Ariakan left he closed up his shop and started to pack his belongings. Intent on heading to where he would be safe from harm, to where he kept a mall sanctuary for these cases.

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