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 Post subject: Arrival at LAX: Ryan
 Post Posted: Thu Sep 17, 2009 2:33 pm 
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The music was playing annoying loud through the head phones. The overly boring flight warranted this. Though the man sitting besides the rather depressingly clad guy tried to blurted out the aggravation he just was no longer able to do so.

"Oh for heaven's sake! If you won't turn it down I'll break the damn thing!" He snatched the head phones from the boy's ears.

He was met with cold eyes glancing at him, peeking from under the brim of the black hat adorning his head. The eyes held a stomach halting sadistic fire behind them. His lips curled into a sneer. "Ok...you break them and I'll break your ribs and call it even." His voice was purposely drawn low, deep, guttural; perfect for freaking people out.

The man took a visible gasp and handed back the headphones. The boy sat back in his chair and pushed the little dial up further. The music blasted louder. Aggravating the people in the seats in front and behind him. The man who'd tried to take matters into his own hand was being scolded for making the boy further the irritation.

"You screw with me, I screw you over big time." The boy grinned widely. Casting a leisurely sideways glance, he could see people glaring at him, unseemly saying "turn it down". This, of course, only prompted him to crank it up. ".................Fuck you." He uttered.

* * *

"-Delta Flight 358 from Philadelphia International is docking at Gate A-17. Thank you for flying Delta and welcome to sunny California.-"

Ryan raised a quizzical eyebrow, noting the overcast skies and the high probability of rain. "Just about as sunny as my rosy red ass..." Again his forward way of just telling things as they were drew attention to himself. He snickered and walked into the airport terminal. He frowned, listening to the surfer accents, some real, some faked badly. "...Urge to kill rising..."

Getting his bag was a fun ordeal. The man who was so pissed off at him was using this as a chance for revenge, quickly gathering his bags...one by one...purposely ramming into him and faking an apology. His antics stopped when Ryan's bag came around, tied to it's side was a katana and a security guard walked up and gave him his gun. He aptly cast a glance to the man with a sadistic grin. "Run piggy-piggy-piggy." That was the last he ever saw of that man. The horrified look make Ryan feel good inside. He wasn't cruel or anything. He just enjoyed returning one favor for another. Even if it was in the spirit of aggravation.

* * *

Ryan's 'rent-a-car' was a 2003 Camry. A car he'd grown to hate. His mom had a car like this and repeatedly made him wash and clean the damn thing, due to her laziness. He buckled up and cracked his neck. Pulling out a cell phone and called up his friend back home. "Yo. What's up? What do you mean you just woke up? You lazy shit... it's what?...4:30pm there? Yeah, I'm here. Safe and sound...until I get into trouble that is. Huh? Not sure. I might just go drop my crap at the dorm and then go find some place to spar with my blade. Ryu! NO! NO, RYU, NO! You're not allow to go back to sleep! Don't make me fly back there to kick your ass! ...So? Heh, it was the thought that counted. Shut up... Just wake up. Oh yeah...tell the demented ones I'm here safe. BY THE ALL-FATHER AND RUSS, I'M FINALLY FREE!!!!! What do you mean that was loud? ...Oh...ok...Cool. See ya." He hung up and drove to UCLA.

* * *

The dorm was little more than a prison cell with a door rather than bars. "...You gotta be kiddin' me... I'm paying a grand in room and board for this? BULLSHIT!!!"

And the day dragged on with much tension and fear being struck into the UCLA staff as he forced better accommodation from them.

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