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 Post subject: Character Profiles
 Post Posted: Sat Sep 12, 2009 8:40 am 
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All character profiles in the Katela & Alni sub-plot.

Also: Adriel, Aiden Silvermoon II, Ailil, Anisa Amri, Barbarian Barbie, Bella, Centauress Cissiria, Ciprian Tremas, High Elf Seri, Granite Stoneheart, Katela el'Baran, Kiran, Kitsa Stormeyes, Lady Kavryn, Meridian, Mia, Midwife Lien, Mudan Jasil, Myrela, Naclia, Natasi, Olula, Permanent Tears, Pirate Kreoss, Priestess Elohssa, Priestess Jenesis, Priestess Lianora, Priestess N'shara, Priestess Sairina, Priestess Sura, Priestess Thalia, Princess Elianna, Sevrina, Silvia, Vampiress Ileta, Vanaia, Werewolf Xanin, Y'ezela, Zaole, and Zira.

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 Post subject: Alni
 Post Posted: Sat Sep 12, 2009 8:48 am 
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Location: Shinning Hill
Name: Alni
Age: 16
Birthyear: NRC 510
Gender: Female
Race: Half-human, half-dark elf
Homeland: Kanon
Physical Description: Alni is a petite girl with a very emotional face. Her beautiful golden eyes and her lithe agile movements often give away her elven heritage though she has tried to hide it her entire life. She has come to accept her race, and now leaves her long, half-elven ears uncovered. During the time she's spent with Katela, she's put on some more lean weight and looks much healthier than she did when Zira originally found her on the streets of Blade. She is young, merely 16, and still growing.
Clothing and Armor: Her clothes are simple and neat; a light blue, short, long sleeved top, which is cut square at the neckline; a knee length skirt, cut up to her hips, and a darker blue hooded cloak. Instead of sandals, she now wears a pair of Katela's knee high, dark blue boots. Around her waist, she wears a leather belt that carries a purse and a dagger sheathed in the small of her back. She used to wear a band to hide her ears but after accepting herself, she took it off, but she still carries it with her, but its only purpose now is to keep her hair out of her eyes.
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 105lbs
Build: Slender, agile
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Gold
Skin Tone: Dark Golden Tan
Class: Theif
Occupation: Ex-thief, now adventurer
Weapons: Small assassin sword (given to her by Altaris), Small Dagger
Armor: None
Non-Magic Items: Zira's silver and onyx circlet, traveling supplies
Magic System: Shamanism
Shamanist Level: 2
Special Summons: None
Magic Items:
Special Abilities: Lockpick, Stealth
Shamanist Abilities: Alni has never been trained with her shamanism, but can feel the presense of spirits. Currently, she is learning the basics from Katela. Her affinities are as stands: Fire, Air, Dark, Spirit, Water, Light, and Earth.
History: Alni doesn’t know much of her history or her own heritage. She is aware she is half-human and half-dark elf. The first family never bothered to tell her about her mother, but after considering what little she knew and what made sense, she deducted that her mother must have been human because she was left with a human family. Her father was the dark elf, possibly had a short affair with her mother, or even raped her. Her mother didn’t want to keep the half-breed child and left her with the first family Alni had.
Her idea wasn’t far from the truth; Alni’s mother was in fact a 16-year-old human girl from Marmo. While the girl was traveling through Dark Town one night, she was attacked by a gang of dark elves and raped. She barely escaped from the elves that night and returned home. Her father, whom was raising the girl alone, decided that it would be best for his family if he went to Kannon, which was under Marmo’s control. He probably wouldn’t be allowed to settle else where in Lodoss because of the prejudice people had against Marmo.
Not long after coming to Kannon, his daughter began to show signs of pregnancy. Her father decided to kill the child when it was born, but when the baby finally came, he wasn’t able to kill his granddaughter. Instead, he took the baby to a few families he knew and asked them to take the child in. Eventually, he found a family to take her, they promised to raise her "as their own".
The family who took her in named her Alni and raised her for eight years. She wasn’t treated "as their own" like they promised, but more like an intruder in their lives. When she was eight, she began showing a capability for shamanist magic. It frightened her family and they finally gave her up after years of neglect.
Alni was lucky to have found another human family than being left in the forest alone as her foster mother suggested. However, the new family only kept her for a few months before sending her to another family. Eventually, when Alni was 13, a family abandoned her in Shinning Hill with nothing but the clothes on her back and a band over her ears. Alni wandered the streets for days, taking care of herself the best she could. She came across a Thieves’ Guild one night and they took her in. Many people were willing to feed and clothe the young girl. They taught her to defend herself and ways to steal. When the guards caught her, her fellow thieves sent her away to Alania where she would be safe. With a map her friends supplied, she made her way to Alan and joined the Thieves’ Guild there.
When someone discovered she was a half-elf, she was worried that they would reject her like every family she had known. Alni grew to despise dark elves because of the rejection she suffered from being one. Though she never met a dark elf, she was full of prejudice like most main land Lodossians. So she would pack up her belongings and leave for the next town. She moved across Alania finding Thieves’ Guilds in the cities and staying in small towns for a few days, stealing what she could and then buying supplies for her journey. She kept her race a secret and if anyone found out about her heritage, she would move on. Alni never allowed anyone to get close to her out of fear of rejection.
She ended up in Blade, the capitol of Flaim. After a few months, someone became suspicious of her race and rumors began to spread through the Guild. Therefore, Alni started stealing as much as she could as she wandered through the city on her last day. One person who had suspected her went to the city guards. He was immensely curious to see to the rumors were true, so he told the guards she was a thief and when she was captured, her race would be revealed. Alni attempted to escape but met a dark elven woman in her path. Full of spite for the race, Alni attacked the mercenary elf with her little dagger, but the woman drew her sword, knocked Alni to the ground, and took what Alni had stolen. She returned the purse to the guards and asked them to allow Alni to be taken into her custody. The guards agreed and left the two alone while they left Blade.
Outside the city they met a man named Blaze, he quickly realized Alni's race and accepted her for it. He wasn't human either, but in fact dragon-kin. The dark elven woman, Zira, also accepted her though she was part human. They then met with Aldarite, the leader of the Doomknights on Marmo and went back to Marmo with him. While on Marmo, she finally decided to remove her headband and expose what she was. It was a small act, but an important one for her.
It was on Marmo that the War of Chaos started, and Alni, Zira and Blaze were on the front lines against the undead. After a battle that ended victoriously for the side of Order, Alni and Zira caught a ship to Roid with Blaze's friend Gale. Upon their arrival in the Holy City, they found it in the midst of battle. Zira and Alni fought their way through hordes of undead once more on their way to the Mirror Forest.
When they reached the Mirror Forest, Alni met a young half-elf ranger by the name of Katela. They became fast friends and Alni spend most of the Mirror Forest battle side-by-side with her friend. Afterwards, Katela's family took Alni in while Zira went to war.
Personality: Alni is quiet, shy, and somewhat withdrawn, but possesses a great courage. Before meeting Zira and Blaze, Alni was much more withdrawn and quiet. She was an enigma to those she knew. Her relationship to Zira is something like that that of a mother to a daughter; Zira is Alni's protector and guide through life as an elf and the only family Alni has ever known.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Quotes: "I'm not a little girl, I can take care of myself."
Theme Song
Permanent Tears
By Eagle-Eye Cherry
On the day of her arrival/No one is there to meet her/Something of a sad one/A girl with permanent tears/Born without a family/Born without a name/All she ever wanted/Was to wipe her tears away//If someone came to love her/And if someone came to be/The one that will protect her/Be a family/Now we will see a smile again/And tears like dreams can be/Something we will never see/Lost in her memory//She’s something of a tragedy/Stands in the shade of despair/I want to cast some light onto her world/A world of permanent tears/Born without a family/Born without a name/Free this weeping willow/From drowning in a flood of tears

File comment: Alni by Jessica Vincent
alni06-jessica_vincent.jpg [ 17.67 KiB | Viewed 3722 times ]
File comment: Alni by Jessica Vincent
alni05-jessica_vincent.jpg [ 20.37 KiB | Viewed 3722 times ]

On the day of her arrival
No one is there to meet her
Something of a sad one
A girl with permanent tears
Born without a family
Born without a name
All she ever wanted
Was to wipe her tears away
 Post subject: Aoife
 Post Posted: Sat Sep 12, 2009 8:54 am 
Name: Aoife
Age: 20
Birth Year: NRC 506
Gender: Female
Race: Were-wolf
Homeland: None-Wanderer
Physical Description: Her twisty, unruly locks are a black hue (anime purple) and usually worn tied into a high ponytail, and then folded over into a messy bun, leaving feral locks curling and coiling round her head. If left lose, her hair would fall almost to her mid back, though shorter bangs spiral wildly by her cheeks and across her forehead. Her inquisitive and alert eyes are a light blue, pale enough to resemble crushed ice, with an iridescent glow that shifts intensity according to general mood. A small scar flicks downwards from her left eye, barely a few centimeters long, though apart from that she does not appear to carry any more scars or cuts.
On the outside of her left ankle, a dusty black tattoo is etched into her skin. Starting from the top of her foot, it twists round across her ankle and then finishes mid-calve. The tattoo appears to be some sort of tribal dragon, or other some such mythical creature, and seems more as an exotic and elaborate pattern than an actual beast.
Clothing and Armor: She wears a high collared, short pointed sleeved jacket of a dark red, bordering on brown, undone at the top to give a v-cut neck-line and reveal a sharp tooth hung on a piece of leather. The top clasps down to just above her navel, where the fastenings end and the material falls out leaving an upside-down triangle of midriff bare. Her left arm in covered by a long, fingerless glove, and she wears a skirt of equal colour to her top, falling a little before the knee. Occasionally she will wear boots, however whilst clothes can withstand the shift to second form, shoes usually do not. The soles of her feet are long since hardened anyway, so typically she does not bother.
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 130lbs
Build: Slender, Average
Hair Color: Purple (Black)
Eye Color: Glacial blue with a slight ethereal glow
Skin Tone: Pale
Occupation/Class: None
Weapons: None; her wolf forms are her weapon when need be.
Armor: None
Non-Magic Items: First-tooth Necklace
Magic Items: None
Enchantments: None
Special Abilities: Ability to shift between three forms; human, wolven and a mix of the two
Notes on Abilities: Even whilst in human form, she is a competent tracker. In both wolf forms, her general senses are improved (sight, hearing, smell) as is her strength, speed and endurance. Like all Weres, she has no magic ability, though has a strong resilience against it. The third form, although the strongest, is also the hardest to control and is the only one in which she lacks the ability to form speech.
History: Born to a low ranking female of a nomadic tribe of Weres, life for Aoife didn’t have a particularly wonderful start. It did not help that she was smaller and less temperamental than the others in her pack, though that trait that became less prominent around puberty when she finally began shifting forms. From this age onwards she was taught tracking, hunting and general survival skills as well as the ability to control when she changed, and to which form. Life, on the whole, became very monotonous.
The pack was constantly on the move, but Aoife had little geographical knowledge of where they went and, with the were-wolves’ desire to keep to their own; she knew little else of what happened across Lodoss. It was not until nearing her twentieth summer that things changed. The time had come for her to enter the rite of passage into adulthood; the ethnic, and rather crude, ritual – which had been part of tradition for generations – was to take place on the full moon before the eve of her birth. The contents of the ceremony were kept ‘til that night when she, and others who bore their birthdays before the next full moon at the end of the next lunar month, arrived in the small silver glade. The Alpha male, in his second, form stood alone, though Aoife vividly remembers feeling the sensation of eyes boring at her from all directions. She recalls her blood running cold as the tall wolf-man spoke. Though the wording is a blur, the meaning was clear. A first kill. It had, to begin with, not made sense, for the pack was not evil aligned, nor did it kill frivolously. However, werewolves had always been berated as demonic, malevolent creatures of the dark; she remembered stories her mother had told her. Werewolf culture had not changed for millennia, and the other races were still paying for their prejudices (and, incidentally, the were-wolves were enforcing the old rumours). She’d become aware of her peers around her shifting into their third forms, and then more eyes watching her. She’d simply shaken her head, words not able to form in a parched dry mouth. Her memory becomes rather slap-dash after that; words being spoken, from her lips and others’. More had stepped from shadows. Snarls had sounded, and then she had run. Or had she been chased? She’d changed to second form as she’d fled, a fight had ensued. More running. Tears, pleads. More running.
That night had been spent hidden in a thicket of bracken. She could only guess they had not intended to kill her, or she had out run the pack’s territorial boundary. A few months on and she has taken to life of haphazard wandering. She still has little idea of where she roams, or why, though common sense would tell her it is sentiment f the past. Occasionally she will latch on to an adventuring party, though usually find them none too accepting of a were-wolf, and once again is cast out, or leaves of her own accord..
Personality: Compared to most Weres, she is not nearly as violent and blood thirsty in nature. For the most part, her primal instincts are sufficiently subdued, with her overall control waning only during the full moon. Somewhat quiet, but not particularly shy, she is amiable towards other races and likes the company of others – as it reminds her of her pack (of whom she has fond memories, despite being exiled).
She is fiercely loyal, almost to a fault, and can be highly obstinate when the mood takes her, generally becoming snappish when she is irritable (again, usually about the full moon). She tends to base her impressions of people and situations on instinct rather than logic or fact, trusting her own senses to tell whether a person is friend or foe. This has its weaknesses of course, but it’s such a basic impulse that she can’t really break out of it.
On the whole, she prefers second form to third because it is easier to control her feral instincts – something more important now she is no longer part of the pack – and plus, her clothes stay intact. Aoife rarely loses control, but it isn’t entirely unheard of, and though she seems tame enough it would always do one well to pay heed to the warning feral undertone in her character.
Alignment: Chaotic Good

File comment: Aoife by Jessica Vincent
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 Post subject: David Landstar
 Post Posted: Sat Sep 12, 2009 3:08 pm 
Name: David Landstar
Age: 25
Birthyear: NRC 501
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Homeland: Valis
Physical Description: David is the product of soldier training since birth. He is built and slender, to give him both strength and speed on the field. He has blonde hair that swoops back from the top of his forehead, and a bit that swoops downward from the top of his forehead, sheilding his emerald right eye when at rest. His emerald green eyes pierce the soul with images of his fierce loyalty.
Clothing and Armor: Wears mostly cloth and leathers. Wears a generic brown long sleeved cloth shirt, it's back and shoulders covered by a tan colored cloth tied around his neck, with a picture of a vine on each side of his shoulders. Half of the sleeves on his shirt is covered by the leather padding that protects his forearms. A blue belt keeps his large, baggy red and white shorts on him, which is over a generic pair of brown cloth pants. Half of the pants are covered by his gold/silver plated iron boots. Also wears a big, gold plated iron belt which is attached to his leather scabbard, gold plated at each of it's ends.
Weapon: A generic soldier's sword with a little hilt customization to match his attire. The hilt is mostly brown with some gold plated areas of design.
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 175lbs
Build: Lean and toned
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Emerald Green
Skin Tone: Pale Peach
Class: Fighter
Occupation: Adventurer
Weapons: Soldier's Sword
Armor: Various cloths and leathers, iron boots
Non-Magic Items: A pouch containing gold pieces clipped onto his blue belt
History: David was born to the paladin Orca and the knight Ansha. Orca and Ansha fell in love after an hour long spar that had to be declaired a draw, because they were evenly matched in every aspect. They got married at an early age, most would say that they rushed into it without thinking.
They quickly gave birth to a child, whom was known as David. They vowed to train this child since birth to become what they thought was the perfect soldier. Day in and day out, David learned what good deeds where, the art of chivalry, the doctrines of law breaking and all points in between. They sent him out into the free world when he turned sixteen, to gain some real life experience. He was supposed to come back when he turned 20, so that he could be a member of the king's army, but the days he spent free from his parents made him realize that he no longer wanted to be trained by them. He wanted to discover the skills he would need to become a great knight on his own, and promised himself that he would return when the time was right.
Personality: Believes whole-heartedly in chivalry, David is someone who is extremely loyal to his allies, dependable and trustworthy. Is quite confident in his abilities on the battlefield.
Alignment: Lawful Good
Quotes: "Come sir, your passado." "Fear not maiden in distress, for I will vanquish this creature." "A shield? Ha! Shields are for people who aren't confident in their abilities." "When you live by the sword, you die by the sword. There is nothing more honorable in a soldier's death then dying by the sword."

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 Post subject: Katela el'Baran
 Post Posted: Sat Sep 12, 2009 3:51 pm 
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Location: Mirror Forest
Name: Katela el'Baran
Age: 53
Birth Year: 473
Gender: Female
Race: Half-common elf, half-human
Homeland: Mirror Forest
Physical Description: Katela has delicate, expressive and beautiful features. Her slightly freckled skin, red curls, and short ears reveal her human heritage while her bright blue eyes and mannerism is elven.
Clothing and Armor: She wears a short green dress and shrug trimmed with blue ribbon; her long-sleeved shrug attaches to a blue ribbon choker necklace and rings on her middle fingers; she also wears knee high, blue died leather boots with a slight heel. For armor, she wears an elven steel breastplate with small, rounded shoulder guards with an attached short blue cape and armor plates on her knees. She also has a silver and ruby circlet, which was a gift from her father. Around her waist, she wears a belt that carries her rapier, crossbow, a quiver of arrows, and a small purse. She carries a pack with all the basic supplies she needs.
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 195lbs
Build: Petite, slender
Hair Color: Red-Orange
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Tone: Light and slightly freckled
Class: Ranger
Occupation: Ranger in training
Weapons: Elven steel rapier and cross bow
Armor: Elven steel breastplate
Items: Ruby and Silver circlet, traveling gear
Horse: Tyndra
Magic System: Shamanist
Shamanist Level: 5
Elemental Affinities: Water, Air, Light, Fire, Spirit, Earth, Dark
Special Summons: None
Magic Items: None
Enchantments: None
Special Abilities: None
Affinities and Proficiencies: Katela is most talented in Water spirits, followed by Air, Light, Fire, Spirit and Earth. She doesn't know dark spirits and her mother wouldn't dare teach her. She is currently trying to teach Alni the basics of summoning.
History: Katela was born in the Mirror Forest to a human father and elven mother. Her father, Kal el'Baran, was seventeen and a soldier for Valis during the War of the Demon God. Kal met Mysa and the two had a fling, resulting in a baby half-elf girl. Neither parent had been ready for it, but they did their best to hold the relationship together through Mysa's pregnancy. However, it just couldn't work. Kal moved to a small village near the Mirror Forest and he would come to visit Katela every few weeks.
Four years later, when Kal was 21, he met Rayia, a human commoner, and married her. They moved to the village on the fringe of the Mirror Forest to be closer to Katela. Rayia was a little apprehensive at the thought of a half-elf step-daughter, but came to love the girl as her own. Not long after moving, Rayia gave birth to a son, Bran. The next year, Shara was born to Kal and Rayia, then two years later, Larisa. Katela lived in between both parents. Sometimes she'd stay with her mother, other times with her father. She loved both parents, as well as her new family. She played with her half-siblings and helped raise them. As an elf in her mother's realm, she was trained in shamanism and to be a ranger. In her human family she was taught human history and language.
Her childhood was nurturing, much better than most half-elves could ask for. She had three wonderful loving parents and siblings. However, as she watched her brother and sisters grow older and continue their lives, it hit her how different she was. It seemed she barely changed. Her brother pursued the dream of Holy Knight of Valis while Shara married and moved away to Lesmoa. Larisa stayed in the Forest and found an elven lover who fathered her half-elf daughter Kira.
During the year of 525, Kal died at the age of 69, days before Kat's birthday. On his deathbed, he gave her a silver circlet with three rubies that he had had crafted by an elven silversmith for her birthday. Katela accepted his death, though it reminded her of human mortality.
The next year was the year of Chaos. The Darke was raised and undead roamed Lodoss. Katela fought with the rangers to protect her homeland. When the new heroes came, she fought with them as well. During this time, she met Alni, a young half-dark elf who traveled with the heroes. Alni was too young and inexperienced to fight and her caretaker, Zira wanted her to be someplace safer than at her side. Katela’s mother offered to let Alni stay with her and train her in shamanism.
The Mirror Forest was destroyed despite the heroes’ efforts. Katela took it in stride though. She, Mysa, Larisa, Kira and Alni left the ruins of their forest for a small wood in the wilds of Moss, since they would not have been accepted in the Glassy Woods. Rayia choose to go to Lesmoa and live out her days with Shara. Katela and Alni became close friends while the waited out the War of Chaos.
Personality: Katela is a bit naive and playful, but is well grounded and strong willed. She's lived a peaceful life, though doesn't have much real-world experience.
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Name: Tyndra
Gender: Female
Age: 10
Breed: Palfrey
Appearance: Tyndra is a rather common looking animal, but she has her charms. She's a dark chestnut with short socks on all four feet and a faint star on her brow. She is decently conformed and hardy.
History: Originally a commoner's cart horse, she was captured by bandits. She traded hands among them for years until she ended up in Aelis's stable. Nowshe belongs to Katela.
Temperment: A little stubborn but with the right coaxing, she can be very amiable.

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Katela (Adventures in Lodoss) - Profile - Gallery
 Post subject: Phaelle
 Post Posted: Sat Sep 12, 2009 6:44 pm 
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Name: Phaelle
Age: 387 (45 at time of death. 342 years spent in unlife up to now.)
Birth Year: NRC 139, made vampire in NRC 184
Gender: Female
Race: Dark Elven Vampire
Homeland: Marmo's Dark Forest
Physical Description: The dark elven vampire shows little sign of her affliction, if only her light skin tint and her fangs. Her demeanor seems meek and shy, as she is not someone that can easily express herself. However, to the onlooker, her apparent meekness removes much of the threat her nature would indicate. Words that would accurately describe her would be "lovely", "adorable" and "prim". Her voice barely raises itself above a whisper, but her years as an undeath has not taken any of it's melodious beauty. Her hair is a glossy snow white, cascades down her shoulders and stops just below her buttocks. Her eyes have a "fiery" glare.
Clothing and Armor: Though she formerly was a fighter, Phaelle has done away with most of her fighting garb. She favors dark-colored elaborate dresses, with exuberant arttistic stichwork and frills. An opal necklace hangs down from her neck. Her preference for such clothes enhance her "harmless" appearance, as she could easily be compared to a "dress-up doll". She also likes tying ribbons in her hair. The general gray cast over her does give her an air of sorrow.
Weapon: She has proficiency with most light bladed weapons, bows and spear. However, since her change, she has disdained such trappings. However, has the years moved on, she gained considerable aptitude in unarmed combat (mostly thanks to her supernatural strength).
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 99lbs
Build: Diminutive, slender and wiry
Hair Color: Snow White
Eye Color: Crimson/Maroon
Skin Tone: Light tan (formerly a darker chocolate hue)
Occupation/Class: Shaman (was formerly a warrior)
Weapons: None
Armor: None
Non-Magic Items: None
Magic System: Shamanist
Shamanist Level: 5
Elemental Affinities: Dark, Fire, Spirit, Air, Water, Earth, Light
Special Summons: None
Magic Items: Amulet of Everdark
Enchantments: None
Special Abilities: Dark Elven and Vampiric traits
Affinities and Proficiencies: As a dark elf, Phaelle's shamanism powers had little to do with spirits of any kind except those of darkness. Her years as an undead have weakened her powers somewhat (mostly due to unuse more than anything else though, which is why she is not level 7), but she has developed an interest in using Leprechauns and Invisibility sprites for subterfuge. However, most of her power is invested in the use of dark spirits, as they are those that are the most drawn to her nature (though she favors to make subtle use of them).
Dark Elven traits: Keen eyesight and hearing, nightvision and enhanced agility.
Vampire traits: Preternatural eyesight and hearing, enhanced speed and agility. Beguiling gaze can charm those whom meet it.
Enchantments and Items: Amulet of Everdark : This magical amulet was a holy relic of Kali Ma in the possession of Phaelle's former master. Not only did it increase the wearer's ability to tap into his deity's power (redundant in Phaelle's case since she only practices Shamanism), but it also grants substancial protection against the detrimental effect of sunlight on the vampire, as well as some protection against holy magics used to dispel an undead's power.
History: Phaelle was born on the dark island of Marmo, a couple of centuries before the any of the recently recorded war in human lifetimes. Beld had not made his appearance on the dark island, and the dark elf clans were left to themselves.
Phaelle, besides from her good looks, was relatively unremarkable. She had trained since childhood in training with arms and spirits to become the typical dark elven warrior, learning the skill she needed to survive on the dark island. She wasn't especcially skilled, but she was competent in what she did.
The years of her long life passed until a dark elf shaman formed up a group of warriors and set out to find an ancient religious relic from times hence. Phaelle was picked in the group and they set out to the mainland.
Their objective was to travel to the ruins of the flying city the had been the capital of Kastool. The Dark Shaman leading them was seeking a relic called "the Amulet of Everdark". It had been said that when Kastuul was flourishing, the had been an order of wizards dedicated to the hunting of undeads known as vampires. One such vampire had possessed the amulet - and - when slain, it was placed in a treasure to gather dust.
The Dark Shaman was convinced that such a relic could be used to further Falaris' cause as well as strengthening his own position in the clans.
Phaelle's group fought their way to Lake Stillness, seeking out the water-mired ruins through the tribes of barbarians. Once they reached the ruins, they began a lengthly search for the artifact.
It was several days later that they finally unearthed the sunken treasury. Through the use of Undine, the dark elves made their way inside and retrieved the amulet succesfully. However, on their exit, they were assaulted.
It was nightime, and the Kastuulian vampire Kryl showed himself. The undead sorcerer bragged about how easy it was to manipulate the Dark Shaman's psyche through his dream into getting the amulet for him. A battle ensued, and the vampire laid waste to the group.
It was simply Phaelle's misfortune to have survived a crippling blow. As her life ebbed away, the vampire came to her, took in her beauty and he made her his. Calling on ancient magics, he feed her dying body with his corrupt blood and made a bonding ritual that would make her mind subservient to his will. He then carried her away, along with his prize, to his stronghold.
Chateau Noiceur, set in a cliff overlooking the nothern sea, would become Phaelle's new home. Not only had she become a marrionette and trophy of her vampire master, but he had underwent a startling change. Having the Amulet of Everdark dramatically increased Kryl's evil power. Left to be his housemaid and feed blood only at his whim, Phaelle gradually took her undeath as a dreadful curse and began to wish for her death.
And finally, an opportunity came. An elven warrior made his way into the mansion and confronted her vampire master. It was a dreadful battle, but she only found glee each time the elf scored a blow. The battle would have been won by Kryl had Phaelle not managed to tear the Everdark amulet of his neck. His powers lacking, he was quickly beheaded after the betrayal.
Phaelle had then bared herself, ready to perish... but the elf died of his wounds with a whisper : "Keep it well..." and thus she was left her alone. Not having the courage to end her own life, she erred in the stronghold. Disdaining nourishment to her own being coming from other sentients, she gradually weakened, and so did her activity rate - as she only feed on rats and other vermin.
She spent most of her time in her casket, curled up and asleep. Wars passed by, and she remained blissfully unaware of them, even as her power as a vampire grew. What finally woke her up was Kardis' brief ressurection. The call that had tugged her mind- to slay and feed - had frightened her and she huddled in fear in her casket, her willpower just barely keeping her nature in check.
Fortunately, it was quickly over, as the heroes vainquished Kardis and Marmo was cleansed from it's evil taint. However, Phaelle slept fitfully, feeling it was only the beginning of something much greater and darker.
Finally, another call was felt. She arose lazily from her slumber and pondered it. She felt it tug at her, but it was not as intrusive as Kardis' call had been. It was an attraction. Phaelle, grown much softer through her centuries, decided to head out and discover the nature of the call, and what it has to do with her. The Amulet of Everdark on her neck to allow her to travel by day, she left Chateau Noiceur to find her answers... and maybe a way to end her cursed unlife.
Personality: At first fierce and immoral as a cat, Phaelle was a rather unambitoious dark elven female - intent only on making her way through life. her encounter with the vampire Kryl dramatically changed her outlook on her existence, though.
She is soft and well-mannered. Grown cultured through her years with the aid of the library Kryl kept, Phaelle can carry on a pleasant conversation. She has an aversion to drinking other peoples' blood, though to function she is willing to ask for a "taste" from a friend or feed from her enemies (but only in extreme circumstances). The lack of nourishment makes her appear drowsy, posed and lazy at time, but that is only a slight sign of blood deprivation. Regardless, she will not kill for blood.
She has a rather dark and yet perky sense of humor, along with a love of all things "gothic".
One particular thing about her is that she is almost fearless. Not fearing and even inviting death is a rare attitude in any being. However, what she truly fears is the loss of people she cares about. While she doesn't anger easily, she can be riled up, and once she does she becomes as fearsome as an enraged beserker.
Alignment: True Neutral
Quotes: "I choose not to feed.""You've ruined my clothes..." "What is this feeling? Why am I feeling called upon? How... and why?"
Theme Song
from .hack//SIGN, Vocals by Emily Bindiger
If you are near to the dark/I will tell you about the sun/You are here, no escape/From my visions of the world/You will cry all alone/But it does not mean a thing to me//Knowing the song I will sing/Till the darkness comes to sleep/Come to me, I will tell/About the secret of the sun/It's in you, not in me/But it does not mean a thing to you//The sun is in your eyes/The sun is in your ears/I hope you see the sun/Someday in the darkness//The sun is in your eyes/The sun is in your ears/But you can't see the sun/Ever in the darkness/It does not much matter to me

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Name: Seva
Birth Year: New Royal Calender 508
Death Year: New Royal Calender 526, 18 years of age
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Homeland: Born in Valis, lived in Flaim
Physical Description: Seva has long black hair and green eyes. He is very well built with strong arms and legs. He is in healthy range of weight and he is muscled in the chest. He is handsome looking and his arms don't show much muscle.
Clothing and Armor: Seva's clothing is like normal peasant's clothing. He wears a gray shirt and blue shorts. Seva's armor is just a normal Knight's armor; leg plates, and arm plates. His whole armor's color is silver. He never wears his helmet.
Weapon: Seva's sword was enchanted by his mother, a priestess, to damage demons and other evil spirits on the night before she died. The sword's blade is thin and has some writing on it. The sword's hilt is shaped like a cross the bottom of it is shaped like a dragon's head. He calls it. "Star Light."
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 145lbs
Build: Muscled
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Green
Skin Tone: Tanned
Occupation/Class: Knight
Weapons: Sword
Armor: Full body plate armor
Non-Magic Items: Traveling gear, mother's ring
Notes on Items and Enchantments: His sword, Star Light Was enchanted with Holy magic by his priestess mother who prays to Marfa mother of the earth. Made to damage evil spirits
Notes on Abilities: Since Seva is a knight he has Swordsmanship abilities.
History: Seva wasn't born in Flaim he was actually born in Valis near the border of Kanon. Where his father was a blacksmith and was born in Kanon and his mother was a priestess of Marfa and was always had been born in Valis. Ever since he was but a little boy he wanted to become a knight. When he was 10 his father made his sword and his mother enchanted it. His mother told him to have it to remember them. They left later that night to battle in Kanon they both were killed in the battle and left Seva to take care of himself. Seva set out on his own at the age of 15 after living a few years with a foster family.
The father was very abusive to him and always beat on him all the time so he got annoyed and left to become an adventurer at first. He was badly wounded by monsters but was found by Soldiers of Flaim and was brought in a healed.
Wanting to be a knight Seva joined Flaim and started his training to become a knight. Seva became a knight at the age of 17.
He had countless failures and had to retry ever year. He however had to do the low paying job to portal the streets of Flaim. Seva was the low rank of a knight so he didn't get paid very well or was very respected as well. However on his 18th birthday something happened he risked his own life to stop a few thieves from taking goods out of Flaim.
After the long fight he was injured once more after he was healed he went up in rank because of his brave deed. He is currently still on a portal type job he choose to do it one day he hopes to go out and become a hero like the old heroes he had read about such as the great free knight Sir Parn, Spark, and the high elf Deedlit.
After the destruction of Blade, Seva moved to Shuva and worked to protect refugees from Blade. A few months later, he was asked to take a family to Valis. On the way, they passed through the Silent Swamp where Seva encountered David and Alni. Alni had been badly injured and they were seeking the so-called Swamp Witch who might heal her. Seva decided to help them and the three made it the swamp witch's abode where Alni was treated. Seva learned that her friend had been kidnapped by bandits and agreed to help her and her companions, which also included a dark elven vampire, Phaelle and a mysterious half-elf who gave no name.
After upsetting Granny Lehsa, the group left her home and Phaelle used her vampiric blood to heal Alni immediantly. The group continued on to find their kidnapped companion, but along the way, they were attacked by a family of basilisks. Seva was killed in the fight.
Seva has the knight personality. He is always into what he does and not thinking of what the costs are. However he is very strong willed and doesn't give up until it's complete. Seva does however have the kind, caring person. He loves to help others.
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Quotes: "Vision without Action is a daydream. Action without Vision is a nightmare."
Theme Song
Owari nai Yume from Inu Yasha by Aikawa Nanase
Kokoro no naka no JIORAMA no machi wa/Kibou no hikari de kirameite iru/Kagerou no hane de habataita yume wa/Kimi to boku to no sagashimono/Shinjitsu wa itsumo/Hitomi ni hisonde iru/Aoku//Bokura wa doko made yukou/Futari no mirai ima sasuratte/Bokura wa tabi o tsuzukeru/Eien no arika/Owari nai yume/Kono te o hanasazu/Oikakete ikitai/Zutto//TAAKOIZU iro no kokoro no umi de/Hikari no fune no aizu ga kikoeru/Hayaku ikanakya hayaru omoi ni/Nani mo kotoba wa iranai ne/Itsuwari wa itsumo/Kotoba ni hisonde iru/Amaku//Futari de hitotsu ni narou/Okubyou na nami no ho mo dakishimete/Bokura wa tabi o tsuzukeru/Dakiau sukima/Owari nai yume/Niji o tsukinuketa/Yakusoku no hikari o mezasu//Bokura wa doko made yukou/Futari no mirai ima sasuratte/Bokura wa tabi o tsuzukeru/Eien no arika owari nai yume/Kono te o hanasazu oikakete ikitai/Zutto
Translation: Unending Dream
The city in the georama of the heart/Is sparkling with the light of hope/The dream that flew up with the wings of an ephemera/Is something that we search for/The truth is always/Hiding in the eyes bluely//Where shall we go up to/Our future roams around now/And we continue with our journey/The place of eternity, and endless dream/I want to chase after it without letting go of this hand/Forever//In the ocean in the turquoise-colored heart/The signals of the ship of light can be heard/I need to go faster, for this impatient feeling/No words are needed/A lie is always/Hiding in the words sweetly//Let the two of us become one/Holding on to the coward waves/We continue with our journey/The space between our hug/An endless dream/Cutting through the rainbow/Heading for the promised light/Where shall we go up to/Our future roams around now/And we continue with our journey/The place of eternity, and endless dream/I want to chase after it without letting go of this hand/Forever

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Name: Tekara
Birth Year: NRC 494
Death Year: NRC 526, 32 years of age
Gender: Male
Race: Dark Elf
Homeland: Marmo
Physical Description: He looks like his father, but has his mom's really long dirty blond hair. Down to about his knees. The years of abuse have given him a dark apperance. There's a scar under his left eye, that came from this. His dark apperance is also noted by his mood, the look he gives people, and the way he walks.
Clothing and Armor: Basic leather shirt, with short legged pants. Pendant worn around neck. Leather armor that covers his upper body, but not his arms.
Weapon: Somewhat long blade, with a basic handle.
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 180lbs
Build: Athletic
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Tone: Light Brown
Occupation/Class: Shaman
Weapons: Broad Sword
Armor: Leather Armor
Non-Magic Items: None
Magic System: Shamanism
Shamanist Level: 2
Elemental Affinities: Fire, Earth, Dark, Water, Air, Light, Spirit
Magic Items: Pendant, Healing potions
Enchantments: None
Special Abilities: Fast runner
Special Summons: None
Notes on Abilities: His Pendant has been enchanted with a feeling of his mother's comfort. Is a gifted runner, helps in times of danger.

History: He was basically born under Beld's control. And was raised to be a servant for him/his army. Most of the time Tekara didn't enjoy this, and became more and more bitter about it. He always had a different side to him as well. A side that wasn't really evil. Just lost. Growing up, he kept trying to find himself. His purpose in life. The treatment didn't help him at all. Plus he was framed for random deaths around Marmo, due to his bitterness. The people that did all the killings knew he was a easy target. As he grew older, he did become stronger physically, and a bit stronger with magic. Hoping to overcome the people that framed him. His parent's couldn't do much of anything about this, due to there weaknesses. They would try to help him, to tell Beld about all this, but the people that framed Tekara were too strong for them. Finally old enough, and strong enough, he seeks out revenge on those people.
Tekara traveled to Lodoss after the Marmo exodus, eventually making his way to Dragon Breath, Moss, where he encountered two half-elven girls, Katela and Alni. He decided to travel with them for awhile and serve as their protector. While Katela immediantly warmed up to him and was willing to listen, Alni was cold and distant. They later met up with David, a young mercenary and Phaelle, a dark elven vampire. They decided to travel together to Valis, but on the road, were encumbered by bandits.
While the others were willing to surrender to common thugs, Tekara refused to give them anything. And when one of the men threatened Alni's womanhood, Tekara attacked to defend her. Killing one of the bandits encouraged the rest to attack him. He nearly managed to make it out of the melee alive, but one sly bandit managed to slit his throat.
Personality: Bitter at times. Sometimes really quiet and lonely. Truly, what he needs is someone who will listen to him. He often drops hints around strangers about his troubled past. Often withdrawn into his own thoughts, he sometimes jumps into a conversation with a random comment of his own problems, and rarely anything that really relates to what's going on. He is more than willing to discuss his life story with anyone he feels he can trust. Tekara tends to ramble quite a bit too, though at other times, he can be very silent. He is also very sensitive and is easily wounded when someone is upset with him for the way he is. Unfortunately, his desire for revenge is what drives him. He has nothing planned for after he gets his vengence.
Alignment: Lawful Evil

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